Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 60 – 2.48 Units Profit

I’m delighted that we made a profit of 2.48 units from our bets on UFC Fight Night 60. This was a very difficult event to bet on and it always feels great banking a profit on cards like this. UFC Fight Night 60 was also taking place at altitude, which always adds a level of unpredictability to the fights.

We won 3 out of our 4 bets on this event, with our only loss coming on Patrick Walsh to beat Dan Kelly. I knew that this fight wouldn’t be pretty and I knew that Walsh wasn’t a very good fighter, but I thought he’d be smart enough to use his wrestling to win this fight by taking Kelly down at least once in every round. He showed at the end of the first round that he could easily take Kelly down and yet he only attempted two takedowns throughout the whole fight. Walsh showed terrible fight IQ in this match up and at times it looked like he was trying to lose.

The cancelled fight between Nik Lentz and Levan Makashvili seriously hampered our ability to make a bigger profit on this event. I felt really confident that Lentz was going to win and we would have made a much bigger profit overall, had we won the parlay accumulator at full odds.

It was nice to see the Tim Elliott vs Zach Makovsky fight playing out in a very similar way to how I predicted. I really like Tim Elliott, but for all his activity, there’s just no end product. I feel his unorthodox fighting style is a smokescreen for the fact that he isn’t that good in any particular area of Martial Arts. Makovsky was simply better than him everywhere and it showed. Tim Elliott is a scrappy fighter and he’s got a great high pressure style of fighting, but he’s now on a 3 fight losing streak and I think that’s a sign that his fighting style just isn’t that effective against the top 10 Flyweight’s who all have better technique.

We definitely had a little bit of luck with Chas Skelly beating Jim Alers. I personally feel that Skelly finished the fight with an illegal knee and whilst I believe Skelly would have won the fight regardless, the fight could easily have been ruled a no contest and we would have had our bet voided. We’ve had a few situations like this go against us over the last few months, so it was nice to be on the receiving end of some bad officiating for a change. I just feel really bad for Alers. I felt like he was losing the fight, but you never know what will happen in MMA and Skelly was starting to gas out. He might have found a way to win if he could’ve survived to the third round.

We now look ahead to UFC Fight Night 61 – Silva vs Mir and I’m already feeling really confident that we’ll make a profit on that event because it looks great for betting. I’ll be posting my betting tips, picks and predictions for UFC Fight Night 61 as soon as the odds become available.

Here are my betting results for UFC Fight Night 60:

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