Betting Results For UFC on FOX 12 – 23.30 Units Profit

We made another solid profit of 23.30 units from our betting tips for UFC on FOX 12. Our profits were boosted by some very generous odds on some of the fights. Incorrect odds are one of the main reasons why MMA is such a great sport to bet on. You very rarely see inaccurate odds in other sports, but you frequently see them in MMA.

A couple of perfect examples of this were the odds on Dennis Bermudez and Bobby Green. Bermudez should have been a much bigger favorite against Clay Guida and the odds on Bobby Green were insanely good value. I would have made Bobby Green a slight favorite against Josh Thomson, but instead, the odds makers made Bobby Green a huge underdog at 3.10 | +210.

I’m thinking of writing a thank you letter to Nick Kalikas [the guy who sets the MMA betting lines]. If he continues to set odds with this much value, we’re going to make a lot of money this year! Anyway, enough of my rambling. Here are our betting results for UFC on FOX 12:

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We now have a 3 week break before the next UFC event, but we will be publishing our betting tips, picks and predictions for UFC Fight Night 47 as soon as the odds become available.


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