My MMA Betting Results For WSOF 18 – 1.16 Units Profit

I woke up at 7:30am on Friday morning to the sound of rain hammering against my bedroom window. My first thoughts were to grab my phone and check the results for WSOF 18. As I struggled to focus on the screen through my tired eyes, I noticed that the date was Friday the 13th. Just like Conor McGregor, I don’t believe in luck or superstition and I couldn’t agree more when he says that it’s fear manifested in a different form. That said, for some reason, I did feel a little nervous about checking the results for this event.

I couldn’t watch the event live because the main card doesn’t start until around 3am in the UK and it’s easier to buy Crystal Meth than to watch small MMA promotions over here. Bellator, WSOF, RFA and ONE all talk a big game about wanting to gain market share on the UFC and yet it’s almost impossible to legally watch any of their events live in Europe.

As a result, I can’t talk about how any of the fights played out because I haven’t seen them, but it did feel great waking up and seeing that we kicked off February with a profit.

It is unfortunate that some of you may not have made as much money on this event as others. My picks for WSOF 18 started to effect the odds within 10 minutes of me sending the notification email out to my premium members. Within an hour of me publishing my picks for this event, the odds had dropped by around 20% at all the major sportsbooks. This means that some members had to bet the pick at around 1.42 | -238 | 21/50 instead of 1.58 | -172 | 29/50.

I’ve noticed that my picks have started to effect the odds more and more over the last few months and the odds on my picks almost always worsen the closer it gets to fight time. This is obviously amplified on smaller events, where there aren’t so many people betting. As a result, I urge you guys to lock in your bets as soon as I send you the notification emails, so that you can gain maximum value in the odds.

I’ll definitely have some picks for Bellator 133 which takes place later tonight and my picks will probably effect the odds for that event too. I’ll get the breakdowns written up as soon as possible and I’ll send you an email when I add them to the website. Have a great Friday and I’ll see you on the forum!

Here are my betting results for WSOF 18:

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