MMA Betting Tips Black Friday Promotion

Congratulations on winning a free VIP Membership in our Black Friday promotion. We look forward to helping you win a lot of money over the next few years!

We are the best MMA Handicapping service on the planet with over 2 years of detailed results that prove we are lightyears ahead of anyone else who provides betting advice on the sport of MMA. Our winrate of 68% also makes us one of the best performing Handicappers in the history of sports betting.

Our VIP Members use our betting tips to consistently make money and now you can join our winning community for free…

How do I claim my free VIP Membership?

1. Click here to signup for a Free Account.
2. Send an email with your username to
3. We will then add VIP access to your account within 2 hours. You will then be able to login and view all VIP content.

How does your service work?

1. We release betting tips, picks and predictions for almost every UFC, Bellator, WSOF, Invicta, KSW and ONE event.
2. When we release new betting tips we send out a notification email to all of our members.
3. There are 3 types of betting tips that we release…
Free Betting Tips – These are betting tips that we publish and release to the public.
Early Bird Betting Tips – Our Early Bird Betting Tips are often released several weeks before an event. They allow us to publish our tips early, which enables our VIP Members to place their bets when the odds are at their best.
VIP Betting Tips – These are detailed betting tips that explain the reasons why we have chosen to place specific bets. They are always released 1-3 days before an event.
4. Our forums are a great place to ask questions and learn more about our community. You can email us directly at if you need anymore information.

Is there anything else I need to know?

1. This promotion is for 30 days of free access to our VIP content.
2. Your free VIP Membership will expire after 30 days.
3. This promotion is only available to new members.

I'm a Professional Gambler from the UK. I specialize in betting on MMA. I've got 1 kid, a Shih Tzu and I've been making money from gambling for around 8 years now.

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