MMA Betting Tips DraftKings Tournaments

DraftKings are a Fantasy Sports gaming website that combine the best elements of Online Poker and Sports Betting to give you the opportunity to win big money in games of skill based on each UFC event.

DraftKings works just like any other Fantasy Sports game. You simply join a league and pick a team of 5 fighters from an upcoming UFC event. Your fighters then earn points based on their performances in their fights. Prize money is then awarded to the players who score the highest number of points in their league.

From now on we will be running invitation only DraftKings leagues for every UFC event. These leagues will only be open to MMA Betting Tips members. The entry fee will be just $5 per event and the number of places paid will depend on the number of entries we get.

Click here to learn more about how DraftKings Fantasy MMA works

To enter our DraftKings leagues please complete the following steps…

  1. Click here to signup for a DraftKings account.
  2. Deposit money into your DraftKings account.
  3. Post your DraftKings username in our DraftKings league Forum thread.
  4. You will then receive an email notification inviting you to join our private MMA Betting Tips DraftKings leagues. Alternatively you can login to your DraftKings account and find your invitation to join our private leagues under “notifications”.
  5. DraftKings leagues do not run unless all places are filled. This means that we will have to set a limit on the number of people that can join each week. Entries will work on a first come, first served basis.
  6. Please post a message in our DraftKings league Forum thread if you have any questions about our leagues or how DraftKings works.

I am the owner of this website and my goal is to build a strong community that is focused on helping each other make money betting on MMA.

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