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I originally had 4 betting tips for UFC 180, but that soon changed when Midgard Serpent posted the following video. I had actually written a 1000 word article on why I felt Mark Hunt beating Fabricio Werdum was a great bet, but this video completely changed my mind on how this fight would play out. You should definitely watch it if you’re thinking of placing a bet on Mark Hunt to win…

Confidence plays a huge part in any sport and Mark Hunt already looks defeated in this video. It was a huge red flag when he started talking about problems he’s facing in his personal life and the fact that he doesn’t care about his title shot. This type of negative attitude could often be attributed to the discomfort of cutting weight, but Hunt seemed genuinely troubled in this video and he alluded to a problem in his personal life that indicates that he’s not totally focused on this fight.

Hunt’s state of mind has made me think twice about betting on him to beat Fabricio Werdum and whilst he’s still more than capable of winning this fight, I believe his chances are significantly lower, because I don’t believe that he is in the right frame of mind to perform to the best of his ability.

This takes the total number of betting tips I have for UFC 180 down to 3 and I’m playing this event really safe to help us get back on track after a disappointing set of results last weekend.

I also expect to have betting tips, picks and predictions for Bellator 131 and WSOF 15, which also take place this weekend. My picks should be on the website within the next couple of days. Don’t forget that you can sign up for a free account and receive notification emails whenever I publish new betting tips.

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This week I went back and watched all the fights from the Ultimate Fighter: Latin America and Jose Quinonez was one of the fighters that stood out.

I like him because he’s aggressive and he’s been blessed with a body type that’s perfect for MMA. He’s tall, he’s rangey and he fights out of the Southpaw stance.

Jose Quinonez doesn’t have as much experience as Perez, but he’s certainly more explosive, more aggressive and more well rounded.

I also like how these two have fought before and Quinonez won that fight when he was still lacking in experience. I feel like Quinonez has got substantially better since the last time they fought, where as Perez has not improved that much at all.

Quinonez also looked a lot better than Perez on the show, which is impressive because I personally feel like he fought tougher opponents to get to the finale.

Jose Quinonez’s only weakness is his take down defence, but he is good at getting back to his feet and he also has good sweeps and scrambles. He’s excellent once he gains top position and he has vicious ground and pound. He does a really good job of using his length to inflict significant damage on the ground.

Jose Quinonez should be able to win this fight by landing a higher volume of strikes and fighting more aggressively. Quinonez fights out of the Southpaw stance and he’s got a significant reach advantage over Perez. This should give him an edge in the striking exchanges, which is where I expect the majority of this fight to take place. He will also be able to come out and take the centre of the Octagon and he should have no problem maintaining this control for the entire duration of the fight.

The odds on Quinonez aren’t great, but I do feel that his advantages are significant enough to bet on him at this price.

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