Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions UFC Fight Night 70

Our results in June have been disappointing so far. We’ve lost a couple of split decisions and several fighters we bet on have performed well below their full potential. The good news is that I’ve never made a loss on 3 consecutive UFC events and UFC Fight Night 70 looks pretty good for betting.

I’m really sorry if you’ve lost money following my betting tips over the last couple of weeks. There are very few things in life that upset me more than causing people to lose money and I’ve been working really hard to help us get back on track.

My betting strategy for UFC Fight Night 70 is the same as always. I’ve identified a few fighters who hold significant advantages over their opponents and I plan on betting on each of them. The fighters I have picked to win at UFC Fight Night 70 will only lose if something out of the ordinary happens.

You can read one of my betting tips for UFC Fight Night 70 in this article and the rest can be viewed by my Premium Members. I have a total of 5 betting tips for this event. Click here to check them out.

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Lorenz Larkin and Santiago Ponzinibbio both like to stand and strike so I expect this to be a predominantly stand up fight. After studying footage of both guys there’s no doubt that Larkin is a significantly better striker and since this fight is most likely to be contested standing up, I have to bet on Larkin to win.

Ponzinibbio has been known to try and take guys down in the past, but he doesn’t have very good takedowns and Larkin has shown good takedown defence throughout his career. This is backed up by the stats where Ponzinibbio has only managed to successfully complete 33% of all takedown attempts, where as Larkin has successfully stuffed 76% of all takedowns. It’s also worth noting that Larkin has competed at Middleweight for the majority of his career. This fight is at Welterweight, which means Larkin’s takedown defence should be even better against Ponzinibbio, because Ponzinibbio will be much smaller than the guys Larkin is used to fighting.

I believe that Santiago Ponzinibbio only has a puncher’s chance of winning this fight and whilst Lorenz Larkin was knocked out by Costas Philippou, he actually has a very good chin. This is backed up by the fact that he has only been finished once in his 19 fight career.

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I’ve already made 41.65 units of profit in 2015.

This means that betting just $10 a unit on each of my betting tips over the last 5 months would have resulted in a profit of $416 Betting $100 per unit would have resulted in a profit of $4165 and betting $1000 per unit would have resulted in a profit of $41,650.

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Lorenz Larkin looked great in his last fight when he knocked John Howard out, but in his 3 fights before that he lost in almost every kind of way. First off he completely flaked out against Brad Tavares, then he got brutally knocked out against Costas Philippou and most recently he got lay and prayed by Derek Brunson. The thing is… Larkin has looked really good in all of his other fights and he even looked good in the fight where he got knocked out by Philippou. You also have to remember that Larkin was undefeated in his 5 fights in Strikeforce and he even holds a win over Robbie Lawler.

I believe that Larkin will be too fast, too technical and too explosive for Ponzinibbio to deal with. Ponzibinibbio’s MMA record of 20-2 might look impressive, but he’s only ever fought 3 guys who have Wikipedia pages and he lost against 2 of them…

I believe that Larkin will be able to use his footwork and more technical striking to pick Ponzinibbio apart. Larkin is in a different league when it comes to striking and Ponzinibbio has the perfect style to bring out the best in Larkin.

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MY BETTING TIP: 3 Units [3% of your bankroll] on Lorenz Larkin to win at odds of 1.48 | -208 | 12/25

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