Betting Tips For UFC 171 – Condit vs Woodley

[adrotate group=”25″]I’m going to get straight to the point. Carlos Condit is a much better fighter than Tyron Woodley. Woodley does have knock out power, but it’s not going to help him in this fight. Condit is simply better than him in every area that this fight could take place.

Tyron Woodley does not deserve this fight. If he wins, his career gets fast tracked to the top of the UFC’s Welterweight division and that’s not fair on a bunch of guys who are way more deserving of that opportunity. If you feel like I’m being a little harsh on Tyron Woodley, then you should probably stop reading now, because it’s about to get a whole lot worse…

Tyron Woodley hasn’t fought anyone anywhere near as good as Carlos Condit. He hasn’t even beaten anyone, anywhere near the top 10 in the UFC’s Welterweight division! He doesn’t even have a win streak!!! Tyron Woodley has a massive amount of hype behind him, but I am struggling to understand why, because his recent MMA record looks terrible…

Take a look at Woodley’s last 5 fights.

Josh Koscheck – Win
Jake Shields – Loss
Jay Hieron – Win
Nate Marquardt – Loss
Jordan Mein – Win

Jake Shields and Nate Marquardt are good fighters, but they are no where near the top of the UFC’s Welterweight division and Tyron Woodley lost to both those guys! What this recent record shows us, is that Woodley cannot compete against moderately tough opponents. His only wins have come against Journeymen MMA fighters and a guy on the brink of retirement!

Carlos Condit’s only weakness throughout his career has been his wrestling, which happens to be Tyron Woodley’s main strength. As a result the UFC are trying to sell this fight on the basis that Woodley’s had a few impressive knock outs and has solid wrestling skills. But the UFC hype train fails to point out one very important fact. Carlos Condit may have struggled against wrestlers in the past, but his cardio and activity from the bottom should cancel out any thread that Woodley can pose to him.

Woodley does have a punchers chance in this fight, but that’s all he has. If he can land a devastating knock out blow on Condit, then of course he can win, but this only happens in 11% of UFC fights.

The odds on Carlos Condit to win are outstanding value at around 1.67 | -149 | 67/100 and we can thank the uneducated odds-makers and the UFC hype train for that. Place your bets fast, because these odds are going to continue to drop the closer we get to fight night. The best odds available can currently be found over at [adrotate group=”32″] so be sure to place your bets there, before you miss out on the excellent value odds!

Carlos Condit will use his well rounded skillset and superior striking to pick apart Woodley and dominate this fight. I fully expect Condit to finish this fight, but because he’s so well rounded, I’m not quite sure how he’s going to do it. This type of versatility and unpredictability is the exact reason why Woodley is out of his depth. Condit is going to smash him…

OUR BET: 10.00 UNITS ON CARLOS CONDIT TO WIN AT 1.67 | -149 | 67/100



The best odds for this fight can be found at [adrotate group=”32″].

Carlos Condit To Win
Tyron Woodley To Win

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