Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 57 – 5.00 Units Loss

UFC Fight Night 57 was the last event in November and I saw it as an opportunity to try and put a significant dent in our losses for the month. I had a strategy that would see us either win a big profit, a small profit or a small loss. It was unlikely we’d make a big loss for this event and I was willing to risk earning a small loss if it gave us a chance of cutting our November losses in half.

My strategy was to find a good value underdog that had a great chance of winning. I chose Juan Puig, because he’s a reasonably well rounded fighter who trains at AKA and had already had one fight in the UFC. I believed he had a good chance of beating Do Choi, because Choi has really bad striking defence, a weak ground game and he was fighting in the UFC for the very first time. I felt like Puig had a really good chance of out grappling Do Choi and winning a decision because the Korean fighter has bad take down defence and he’s weak on the ground. Unfortunately, our underdog pick let us down badly, because Puig was knocked out within 20 seconds of the first round.

My overall theory for this event was to win all 4 bets and make a huge profit that would cut our losses in half for November. If we won any 3 of our bets we would be looking at a decent profit for the night and if we would’ve only won 2 we’d only be looking at a slight loss.

Things didn’t go our way, but we gave ourselves a chance of cutting our losses for November in half, without making too much of a loss.

Here are my betting results for UFC Fight Night 57:

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