Get push notifications on your mobile phone every time a new bet is added to the website…

Download the Telegram app on your mobile phone and hit the button below from your device to join our Telegram group. We send out push notifications to your device every time a new bet gets added to the website or whenever a new Livestream gets started.


How do I join the Telegram Channel?

    1. Go to the App Store or Google Play store on your device.
    2. Search for the app “Telegram”.
    3. Download Telegram.
    4. Click here from your device to join our Telegram channel.
    5. Check the settings in the Telegram app to make sure notifications for our Channel are enabled.
    6. Check the settings on your device to make sure push notifications for the Telegram app are enabled.

What push notifications will you send me?

    • When new Betting Tips are added to the site
    • When new Lab bets are added to the site
    • When new Livestreams are about to start
    • When UFC events are scheduled to start
    • When new trading cards go on sale for Box Breaks
    • When new areas get added to the website
    • When updates or changes are made to the website
    • When big news breaks related to the UFC
    • When fights get cancelled
    • When fighters miss weight