Premium Betting Tips & Picks for UFC Fight Night 67

I’ve got 3 Premium Betting Tips for UFC Fight Night 67 and I feel really confident that they’re all going to win. This isn’t the best event for betting, but I do hope that we can bank a solid profit and add to the money that we’ve already made this month…



Nik Lentz uses a grinding style of fighting to wear his opponents down, but that strategy won’t work against Charles Oliveira, who can literally submit anyone from any position. Lentz also doesn’t benefit from having the explosive, bull like strength of some wrestlers, which would enable him to power out of Oliveira’s submission attempts. Lentz frequently finds himself in bottom position against journeymen grapplers and whilst he is good at controlling opponents against the cage, he’s not that great at controlling opponents from top position.

Charles Oliveira has a big advantage over Nik Lentz when it comes to striking. The Brazilian has a solid Muay Thai style with a 6 inch reach advantage that will cause Lentz all kinds of problems if this fight stays standing.

I honestly don’t see any way that Nik Lentz can win this fight. If it stays standing, he’s going to get outstruck and if it goes to the ground he’s going to have to defend nasty submission attempts for a solid 15 minutes. Lentz has built up a strong reputation for being a grinding wrestler, but his ground control is very poor and he struggles to maintain position. Oliveira will absolutely wreck him if this fight goes to the ground and I don’t see any area of MMA in which Lentz has an advantage.

If Nik Lentz can somehow try and make this fight close, it’s still very unlikely that he will win, because Charles Oliveira has home advantage on his side. I believe that Oliveira to win is the safest bet at UFC Fight Night 67.

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MY BETTING TIP: 5 Units [5% of your bankroll] on Charles Oliveira to win at odds of 1.40 | -250 | 2/5

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Ryan Jimmo is unpredictable and flakey and I never thought I’d bet on him as such a big favourite, but he’s several levels above Francimar Barroso and it’s tough to see any way in which he could lose this fight.

Francimar Barroso is just not very good and he seems to be getting worse everytime he fights. He lost to Hans Stringer in his last fight and it took place in Brazil. How does any Brazilian lose a decision to a guy like Hans Stringer in Brazil? That’s how bad this guy is…

If this fight stays standing, Barroso should get absolutely destroyed. Barroso has nothing for Jimmo when it comes to striking. Jimmo has 1 punch knockout power and a high level Karate base and I expect him to win this fight by knockout in the 1st round.

The one area in which Barroso does have an advantage is pure Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, but he has very poor wrestling, very poor clinchwork and he lacks the ability to get fights to the ground. Jimmo has really good takedown defence and he’s a direct training partner of Ryan Bader at Power MMA. Jimmo trains with world class wrestlers every day and I seriously doubt that Barroso will be able to get this fight to the ground.

It’s also worth noting that Barroso has extremely bad cardio and he’s normally gassed out by the second round of a fight. Jimmo has always shown very good cardio and if Barroso shows up in the same shape that he’s shown up in his past UFC fights, he’ll be very lucky to make it past the 2nd round.

I could never fully trust Ryan Jimmo with my money, but if he can’t beat a guy like Francimar Barroso then there’s something seriously wrong. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but you should bet on Jimmo to win…

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MY BETTING TIP: 3 Units [3% of your bankroll] on Ryan Jimmo to win at odds of 1.38 | -345 | 29/100

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I believe that Norman Parke will win this fight but I can’t bet on him because he doesn’t have a style of fighting which enables him to put a stamp on rounds and leave an impression on the judges scorecards.

I have no doubt in my mind that Parke will outstrike Trinaldo and keep the fight on his terms, but he always seems to be involved in close fights and Trinaldo has home advantage on his side. If this fight goes to the judges scorecards, we can never trust the Brazilian judges to make the right decision and for that reason I’m going to pass on betting Parke to win.

Even though I won’t be betting on Parke to win, I do recommend that you bet on this fight to last longer than 2.5 rounds…

I believe that this fight will go the distance because both guys are well rounded, both guys are tough and they both guys lack finishing power. This is reflected by the fact that Trinaldo has fought to a decision in his last 4 consecutive fights and Parke has fought to a decision in 5 out of his last 6 fights.

When Norman Parke and Francisco Trinaldo fight, it normally ends up going to a decision and for that reason I believe that betting on this fight to last longer than 2.5 rounds is a great bet…

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MY BETTING TIP: 3.5 Units [3.5% of your bankroll] on this fight to last longer than 2.5 rounds at odds of 1.44 | -227 | 11/25

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Carlos Condit
Thiago Alves
Condit to win
Charles Oliveira
Nik Lentz
Oliveira to win
Alex Oliveira
KJ Noons
Oliveira to win
Francisco Trinaldo
Norman Parke
Parke to win
Ryan Jimmo
Francimar Barroso
Jimmo to win
Darren Till
Wendell Oliveira
Oliveira to win
Damon Jackson
Rony Jason
Jason to win
Jussier Formiga
Wilson Reis
Formiga to win
Nicolas Dalby
Elizeu Zaleski
Zaleski to win
Lucas Martins
Mirsad Bektic
Bektic to win
Ericka Almeida
Juliana Lima
Lima to win
Luiz Dutra
Tom Breese
Dutra to win


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