Prop Bet Disclaimer

  1. Prop Bets are extremely risky. You are not guaranteed to make a profit long term with these kinds of bets.
  2. You should only bet small amounts of money on these Prop Bets because they are very risky. Do not commit a large percentage of your bankroll to these kinds of bets.
  3. Prop Bets should only be placed for fun if you like to gamble and place bets on every fight.
  4. The variance and volatility with Prop Bets is extreme. You can easily lose every single bet on a card and go on huge losing streaks.
  5. The odds differ from website to website dramatically.
  6. The odds can change extremely quickly on Props. This means the odds you find on your betting website might be significantly worse than what is listed on this page.
  7. Liquidity on Prop Bets is very low. This means that the maxbet limits on betting websites will often be very low.
  8. Not all of these Prop Bets will be available on every Betting website. You need to shop around to find a Betting website which offers them.

Prop Bets

Prop Bets are different from most of the bets you’ll find on this website because they’re the only types of bets where we are not trying to bet on the most likely outcome. Instead, we are betting on the volatility of the sport of MMA to seek out high risk / high reward bets that have a good risk to reward ratio.

I prefer this approach to Props because it’s very hard to make money betting MMA when you are simply trying to predict who is more likely to win a fight. When we add another layer of variability on top with the method of victory, it becomes even more difficult to predict the most likely outcome and win bets.

Instead, I take a spread betting approach to Props where instead of betting on likely outcomes at short odds, I look to Capitalize on the chaos of MMA by betting Props that have a reasonably good chance of winning with very favorable odds. Because we are not betting on likely outcomes and instead trying to profit from hitting the occasional big winner, the win rate on props is very bad, and the swings are extreme.

Prop Bets

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Date Event Fight Bet Stake Odds Result