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We update this page with our latest results at the end of every month. Profit and loss is measured in Betting Units.

This is a Marathon, not a Sprint

This page contains a full record of my results since I launched my website back in 2013. Over the long term I have a proven track record of making money betting on MMA.

I want to make it clear that this is not a get rich quick scheme. My charts show plenty of upswings and downswings over the last 5 years. You should treat this like any other type of Investment where periods of growth and periods of recession are normal. To get the most out of my service you need to stick with me through the good times and the bad. I recommend that you spend some time in my Chat Room talking to other members of my community so that you can find out exactly what to expect from this service.

Chris Allsopp
Professional Gambler and Owner of MMABettingTips.com

Learn from a Professional Gambler

All the Betting Tips and alternate fight commentary on this website is given to you by Professional Gambler, Chris Allsopp.

Allsopp earns a living from betting on MMA. His in depth written breakdowns and fight commentary during UFC events will tell you exactly which fighters to bet on. In time you will also learn how to accurately predict the outcome of fights yourself. Allsopp also shares his knowledge and experience on money management and the Investment techniques that he uses to grow his bankroll.

In 2018 he appeared on the Fight Disciples Podcast to talk about his career as a Professional Gambler. You should give it a listen…

What is the difference between a VIP and Elite Membership?

There is only one difference between my VIP and Elite Membership packages; Elite Members get access to my highly profitable Live In-Play Betting Tips and VIP Members only get access to my standard prefight Betting Tips.

Over the past 5 years both Membership packages have returned a decent profit, but as you can see in the results charts below, you can make much more money as an Elite Member by tailing both my Live In-Play Bets and my prefight Betting Tips.

Elite Members get access to everything. They can access my Live In-Play Bets, my prefight Betting Tips and also listen to my alternate Fight Commentary during UFC events. If you would like to make big profits every month I would strongly recommend that you give my Elite Membership package a try. It will blow you away how much money we make. If you are happy with slower, smaller, consistent profits then a VIP Membership would be perfect for you.

Why not spend some time talking to other members of the community in our Chat Room to learn more about how each of these packages could help you to achieve your goals.

VIP Membership Profit


Prefight + Live Betting Profit


Make big money with my Live In-Play Betting Tips

Everyone suffers from bad days, and UFC fighters are no different. When we place pre-fight bets, we can never guarantee that a fighter is going to show up and perform to their full potential. They may be suffering from injuries, they may be battling personal issues, or they may have experienced a brutal weight cut. All of these factors can negatively impact how a fighter performs, and no amount of research can predict that.

Most betting websites now offer Live In-Play betting. This means that we can bet on fights while they take place, right up until the final minute of the last round. This enables us to see exactly how a fighter is performing before we bet on them. Over the years I have developed many strategies that enable me to predict how a fight will play out after observing the first few minutes of a contest. This allows us to avoid the pitfalls of gambling prefight and make massive profits from Live In-Play betting.

Live Betting results by event

The table below shows the profit and loss by event for our Live Betting Tips.

wdt_ID Date Event Profit / Loss in units
1 21/02/2016 UFC Fight Night 83 - Cerrone vs Oliveira 11.26
2 05/03/2016 UFC 196 - Diaz vs McGregor 24.44
3 20/03/2016 UFC Fight Night 85 - Hunt vs Mir 8.70
4 16/04/2016 UFC on FOX 19 - Evans vs Teixeira 4.65
5 23/04/2016 UFC 197 - Jones vs OSP 6.47
6 08/05/2016 UFC Fight Night 87 - Arlovski vs Overeem -1.40
7 14/05/2016 UFC 198 - Miocic vs Werdum 10.92
8 30/05/2016 UFC Fight Night 88 - Almeida vs Garbrandt 2.78
9 04/06/2016 UFC 199 - Bisping vs Rockhold -1.81
10 18/06/2016 UFC Fight Night 89 - MacDonald vs Thompson 1.70
wdt_ID Date Event Profit / Loss in units

Prefight Betting results by event

The table below shows the profit and loss by event for our Prefight Betting Tips.

wdt_ID Date Event Result
1 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 - Benavidez vs Johnson 7.40
2 28/12/2013 UFC 168 - Silva vs Weidman 19.60
3 04/01/2014 UFC Fight Night 34 - Saffiedine vs Lim 10.10
4 15/01/2014 UFC Fight Night 35 - Philippou vs Rockhold -14.40
5 25/01/2014 UFC on FOX 10 - Henderson vs Thomson -6.00
6 01/02/2014 UFC 169 - Barao vs Faber 13.30
7 15/02/2014 UFC Fight Night 36 - Machida vs Mousasi 11.80
8 22/02/2014 UFC 170 - McMann vs Rousey 8.60
9 01/03/2014 TUF Finale China - Hathaway vs Kim 9.10
10 08/03/2014 UFC Fight Night 37 - Gustafsson vs Manuwa 0.00
wdt_ID Date Event Result

Prefight Betting results by fight

The table below shows the profit and loss by event for our Prefight Betting Tips by fight.

wdt_ID Date Event Fight Bet Stake Odds Result
1 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Cody McKenzie vs Sam Stout Stout to win 10.00 1.44 | -225 | 4/9 4.40
2 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Joe Lauzon vs Mac Danzig Lauzon to win 10.00 1.57 | -175 | 4/7 5.70
3 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Michael McDonald vs Urijah Faber Faber to win 10.00 1.73 | -137 | 8/11 7.30
4 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Demetrious Johnson vs Joseph Benavidez Benavidez to win 10.00 2.1 | +110 | 11/10 -10.00
5 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Dennis Siver vs Manny Gamburyan Siver to win 10.00 1.44 | -225 | 4/9 4.40
6 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Chris Leben vs Uriah Hall Hall to win 10.00 1.40 | -250 | 2/5 4.00
7 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Diego Brandao vs Dustin Poirier Poirier to win 10.00 1.50 | -200 | 1/2 5.00
8 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne Browne to win 10.00 2.62 | +162 | 13/8 16.20
9 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman Silva to win 10.00 1.59 | -170 | 10/17 -10.00
10 04/01/2014 UFC Fight Night 34 Max Holloway vs Will Chope Holloway to win 10.00 1.44 | -225 | 4/9 4.40
wdt_ID Date Event Fight Bet Stake Odds Result