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The graph below shows our betting results for our Elite Members over the last 4 years.

Average Profit Per Year

Units Profit

Total Elite Profit

Units Profit

What Are Units?

Betting Units are a system used by professional gamblers to measure their profit and loss. Learn more…


Our VIP Betting Tips have been the foundation of our service since we started helping people make money betting on MMA 4 years ago.

The graph below shows our lifetime betting results for our VIP Members.

Average Profit Per Year

Units Profit

Total VIP Profit

Units Profit

What Are Units?

Betting Units are a system used by professional gamblers to measure their profit and loss. Learn more…


We recommend using an investment strategy known as the Theory of Compound Interest to maximise the amount of money you can make from our Betting Tips.

Below we have put into a graph how much money you could have made as an Elite Member over the last 4 years. We have created 4 different graphs with different starting bankrolls. Roll your mouse over the action points in the graph to see how much money you could have grown your starting bankroll into. These graphs are based on our betting results for our Elite Members over the last 4 years.

As you can see, growth is steady and gradual until you hit a tipping point in the Compound Interest investment strategy where the size of your Betting Unit starts to rapidly increase. When you hit this tipping point you can start to make massive returns on your initial investment.

Click through the different starting bankroll sizes below to see how much money you could have made as an Elite Member of our community.

  • Starting Bankroll: $1000
  • Starting Bankroll: $5000
  • Starting Bankroll $10,000
  • Starting Bankroll: $25,000

This example shows how an Elite Member could turn $1000 into $14,581.

This example shows how an Elite Member could turn $5000 into $73,080.

This example shows how an Elite Member could turn $10,000 into $146,179.

This example shows how an Elite Member could turn $25,000 into $365,412.


The table below shows every single VIP Betting Tip that we have given to our members.

1 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Cody McKenzie vs Sam Stout Stout to win 10.00 1.44 | -225 | 4/9 4.40
2 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Joe Lauzon vs Mac Danzig Lauzon to win 10.00 1.57 | -175 | 4/7 5.70
3 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Michael McDonald vs Urijah Faber Faber to win 10.00 1.73 | -137 | 8/11 7.30
4 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 Demetrious Johnson vs Joseph Benavidez Benavidez to win 10.00 2.1 | +110 | 11/10 -10.00
5 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Dennis Siver vs Manny Gamburyan Siver to win 10.00 1.44 | -225 | 4/9 4.40
6 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Chris Leben vs Uriah Hall Hall to win 10.00 1.40 | -250 | 2/5 4.00
7 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Diego Brandao vs Dustin Poirier Poirier to win 10.00 1.50 | -200 | 1/2 5.00
8 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Josh Barnett vs Travis Browne Browne to win 10.00 2.62 | +162 | 13/8 16.20
9 28/12/2013 UFC 168 Anderson Silva vs Chris Weidman Silva to win 10.00 1.59 | -170 | 10/17 -10.00
10 04/01/2014 UFC Fight Night 34 Max Holloway vs Will Chope Holloway to win 10.00 1.44 | -225 | 4/9 4.40


The table below shows profit and loss by event for our VIP Betting Tips.

1 14/12/2013 UFC on FOX 9 - Benavidez vs Johnson 7.40
2 28/12/2013 UFC 168 - Silva vs Weidman 19.60
3 04/01/2014 UFC Fight Night 34 - Saffiedine vs Lim 10.10
4 15/01/2014 UFC Fight Night 35 - Philippou vs Rockhold -14.40
5 25/01/2014 UFC on FOX 10 - Henderson vs Thomson -6.00
6 01/02/2014 UFC 169 - Barao vs Faber 13.30
7 15/02/2014 UFC Fight Night 36 - Machida vs Mousasi 11.80
8 22/02/2014 UFC 170 - McMann vs Rousey 8.60
9 01/03/2014 TUF Finale China - Hathaway vs Kim 9.10
10 08/03/2014 UFC Fight Night 37 - Gustafsson vs Manuwa 0.00


The table below shows the profit and loss of our Live Betting Tips by event. Our Live Betting Tips can only be accessed by Elite Members.

wdt_IDDateEventProfit / Loss in units
1 21/02/2016 UFC Fight Night 83 - Cerrone vs Oliveira 11.26
2 05/03/2016 UFC 196 - Diaz vs McGregor 24.44
3 20/03/2016 UFC Fight Night 85 - Hunt vs Mir 8.70
4 16/04/2016 UFC on FOX 19 - Evans vs Teixeira 4.65
5 23/04/2016 UFC 197 - Jones vs OSP 6.47
6 08/05/2016 UFC Fight Night 87 - Arlovski vs Overeem -1.40
7 14/05/2016 UFC 198 - Miocic vs Werdum 10.92
8 30/05/2016 UFC Fight Night 88 - Almeida vs Garbrandt 2.78
9 04/06/2016 UFC 199 - Bisping vs Rockhold -1.81
10 18/06/2016 UFC Fight Night 89 - MacDonald vs Thompson 1.70
wdt_IDDateEventProfit / Loss in units

The graph below shows the total profit for our Live Betting Tips.



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NordicFlight - View Profile

I've been a member of for about a year and a half and I absolutely love it here. This service has helped me change my life for the better, both financially and the enjoyment I get from MMA.

I started with a fairly small unit size, but after winning for a while and letting my bankroll grow, I am now betting more or less full time with units that are very significant to me and with a solid confidence in what we are doing.

I have “gotten to know” many professional handicappers, but no one even remotely compares to Chris Allsopp when it comes to the value they create for me and the amount of skills I am able to learn from them.

Chris is a true genius, especially when it comes to Live Betting on MMA. His record speaks for itself. But even more important, I have met no person that works as hard and has such a passion for helping others as Chris does. I keep hearing that “there are no profitable handicappers” (not true), “because if someone can consistently beat this game, they don´t need the money from subscribers”. Well, how about just wanting to help others beat the bookies? This is a driving (and very noble) force behind and I am forever thankful for the work that Chris puts in for us all.

Finding and tailing handicappers has been a very profitable strategy for me. However, it is not nearly as easy as it first seems. It is true that most paid services will not make you nearly as much (if any) money over the long term as they state that they will. I really want to commend Chris for his work ethics. As someone who is reasonably fast at getting bets in and who also shops around for the best possible lines, I have been able to, on average, place my bets at better odds that Chris recommends. Also, he only recommends and counts bets placed on the large markets and when the betting limits have opened up so that it is possible to get serious money in on the bets. I have never seen this level of integrity in any other MMA handicapping service. A few of the other services I have used (and who are long term winners) not only charge more, but also frequently post picks where it is almost impossible to get the money in at the recommended odds, and/or bet more than pocket change.

Then we have the community aspect. Watching the fights together and communicating in the two different chat rooms that we have (the main chat and the live betting chat room) makes the events much more enjoyable for me. Everyone here is friendly, passionate about MMA and everybody wants to help each other. There are some very dedicated and knowledgeable people in this community and once you get to know who is who, this adds even more value to the service.

This service has helped me change my life, I hope you join us and that it does the same for you. Let´s get that money from the bookmakers!!!

Forty9ers3298 - View Profile

This is by far the best MMA betting site you will ever find. Allsopp knows his stuff and will always put us in the right position to profit for any given event. Not only are the picks phenomenal, but the site as a whole is like one big family. The site is troll free and nobody bashes anybody for any given reason. The support each member shows to each other is amazing. You will feel right at home from the moment you post your first comment. Or better yet join us in the chatroom to talk fights and bullshit just about all day! I have learned so much from this site aside from earning a bunch of money! I could not recommend this site enough to anyone interested in joining an MMA Community! 6 out of 5 stars!

atcfg - View Profile

I joined this site a few months ago and I wish I would have joined this site sooner. I am a big MMA fan and I'm pretty financial savvy when it comes to money and investing. The results speak for themselves, a 60% plus return on your investment on average over the past three years just by becoming a member and following the MMA Betting Tips. The membership price pays for itself and I consider it a steal with these kind of results. If you are looking to make a little bit of money or even a lot of money then you need to join The site is super easy to follow and the staff are very friendly and helpful. You can sit on the sidelines and enjoy watching MMA or you can get in the game and start making some money while watching and enjoying MMA.

DivMuzza - View Profile

You won't find a site like this anywhere else on the internet. Nowhere has the success like this in any sport believe me I've looked and the results are all there on the results page. I literally knew nothing about gambling before I joined this site. Allsopp has taught me all I know and the time and effort he puts into researching each fight is second to none. Learn the system we use and you will make money.

BettingDiscipline - View Profile

I've been a member for a little over a year now. I'm more than satisfied with my membership. I've enjoyed a great ROI for the price of the membership. When you take into account your winnings from Allsopp's picks, it is astronomical in comparison for the membership investment. Allsopp always makes himself available in the chatroom and forums which is great. He is approachable and very helpful.
I urge anyone serious about investing in MMA betting to join the community.

Bondy12 - View Profile

This is the most interactive betting site on the internet. The site contains a Forum and Chat Room where you can share your picks and talk about upcoming fights. The tips are always outstanding and based on extensive research and the write ups in the VIP tips section are easy to understand for anyone new to betting on MMA. I would recommend this site to any MMA fans who are looking to make money betting on MMA.

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