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My oh my. I guess we’ll have to see.

But shit, anything could happen; we might find something real juicy if we look deep.

I’m looking at Ige and Martinez as good dogs.

this card does suck. Persoanlly im going to place a few small bets on Adams vs Tafa to finish inside the distance, Shevchenko i’ll parlay with Lewis vs Latifi inside the distance and may add Newsom to add some juice to it. I wouldn’t bet real money on newsom but I don’t think Pilarte is a fighter. When he gets tagged he looks scared shitless where as Newsom is giving up some size but I think hes a bulldog and had a very good showing against Ricardo Ramos who has some similarities to Pilarte’s body type but I think Ramos is a lot more talented than Newsom. So that’s it for me. Just some just for fun wagers that hopefully will make me a few bucks. If not oh well

**** when I said I think Ramos is a lot more talented than Newsom I meant to say Ramos is a lot more talented than Pilarte

Like casual mma fans, there are also casual gamblers. who aren’t as mentally invested as us in the world of betting mma and so take loses like newbies. Dont get too disheartened by these people.

Pressure can crush you or make diamonds.

Does anyone like a parlay of ige and miles johns and Lewis im even gonna go on alimb and say Reyes beats Jones and shocks the world

I would say that all those guys would be risky bets as singles. It doesn’t make too much sense to parlay them together because if one loses, you lose the whole bet. If you really want to bet those guys, I’d recommend betting them as single instead. This means that if you went 1-1 on Ige and Johns, you’d be at roughly break even, instead of a loss. Hope this helps mate. ??

You’ve been saying “X has an advantage in every single aspect of MMA” a lot recently. Hopefully it actually works out this time. Do you not fancy Reyes at those odds for a small 1u bet? Personally believe there’s value there even though Jones has a huge physical advantage.

I know mate, it’s been a long time since I can remember losing this many bets in such a short space of time on guys with such superior technique. It was be absolutely savage bad luck if Morono were somehow to find a way to lose this as well. Gambling is unfortunately brutal and it wouldn’t surprise me.

I just finished Live streaming my research for the fight between Reyes and Jones. I don’t think Reyes is worth a bet personally mate. I recommend giving it a watch to see what you think. It’s currently uploading to the livestream archive. It’ll be ready soon. ??

Seems like Allsopp Always gets stuck with such shittier lines out in the UK compared to us in the US. I live in Jersey and I got Morono for -233 then again at -250 after I read his column. I typically get 30 to 50 pts better lines or more on all his posted bets on most of my betting apps

I have definitely noticed the lines moving after Chris releases a pick to members. I’m often at work when picks are released and can’t bet them right away. Even when I get a moment to step away and place a mobile bet 20-30 minutes later it seems odds have already shifted greatly. That’s on me and not much I can do to combat it. I totally get why Chris waited to release the pick on Masvidal vs Diaz now until just before the fight. For example – Morono is now -280 and -285 on bovada and mybookie, the 2 sites I use. I was really hoping this would be a good card for betting as I will be on Vegas this weekend and wanted to lay some $ in person. Ain’t that how it always works out!

Hello everyone, I’ve been watching on YouTube and really enjoy the content. I just thought I’d put my two cents in, I think Lewis is a pretty safe be especially with the big size difference, and I know this is going to make me look stupid but at these odds I’m going to put a little on Reyes, his last four fights were great wins and even tho there is no doubt Jones is much better, I this Reyes has a better shot then the odds are saying, I think Jones has a tougher time aginst guys built longer and taller like Reyes and the kid has confidence!
Good luck everyone!
Unfortunately I have to find some picks because I’m in Vegas this week to cash a very nice Superbowl ticket 🙂

Hi guys, I bet for fun but with some research but after binge watching Allsopp’s UFC 247 breakdowns I’d never dare to call my work as research! Shoutout to Allsopp for changing my perspective on research and betting – Definitely going to be more selective in my picks from now on!

* Have a 5 fight parlay on Jones, Shevchenko, Andrea Lee, Ige, and Morono. Huge risk/return of course
* Morono inside the distance at +160

Even though Allsopp isn’t sold on Juan Adam’s gameplan/ headspace, he sounded grounded, mature and realistic in his pre fight interviews. I think he will do just fine unless he rushes and starts exchanging bombs with Tafa. Greg Hardy was an emotional fight for him and after losing two in a row and partnering with Jackson-Wink, I think it’s pretty safe bet. Did you guys feel the same?

I also think Black Beast is a safe bet too – Latifi’s can land a bomb but his path to victory is pretty much taking Lewis down. I feel in the first round when they both are fresh, Latifi won’t be able to take him down and blow up is gas tank. Might just run out faster as Latifi is coming in around 250 lbs and carrying more weight than usual. Lewis is fast for his size and known to carry power late in the third round as he’s shown in the past and can easily
KO a tired Latifi.

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