Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 36 – 11.80 Units Profit

[adrotate group=”25″]We said that this would be a tough event to bet on and we were right. UFC Fight Night 36 had it’s fair share of upsets, which caused many people to lose money on the event. Twitter was full of Pro MMA gamblers trying to justify the reasons why they lost money, but the bottom line is that they should know better than to back inconsistent fighters or guys making their debut in the UFC.

Due to the risky nature of this event, we only placed two bets, as we wanted to bank a steady profit for the night. We ended up with a total profit of 11.80 Units and you can checkout how each of our betting tips played out in our post bet analysis below…

Over the next couple of days we’ll be posting our betting tips for UFC 170, so be sure to come back and check them out. We’ve got several excellent betting tips lined up and we’re confident of making a big profit on the event.



OUR BET: 10.00 Units on Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza to win @ 1.30 | -333 | 3/10
OUR PROFIT / LOSS: 3.00 Units Profit

In our original betting tip for this fight we said that Jacare was better than Carmont in every area this fight could take place and we were right.

Jacare used his superior grappling skills to dominate Carmont on the ground. He also used his excellent head movement to neutralize Carmont’s reach advantage, making it extremely hard for Carmont to land his punches.

This victory is not only impressive by the nature in which Jacare was able to dominate Carmont, but also by Jacare’s admission in his post fight interview that he fought with a fractured arm.

I’m still not sold on whether Jacare has the skills necessary to hang with the likes of Chris Weidman, Vitor Belfort and Lyoto Machida, but he’s definitely one of the best grapplers in the UFC.

We banked an easy 3.00 Units profit for this fight, which set us up to make a steady profit for the night.




OUR BET: 20.00 Units on Lyoto Machida to win @ 1.44 | -250 | 2/5
OUR PROFIT / LOSS: 8.80 Units Profit

In our original betting tip, we said that there was nothing Mousasi would be able to do to win this fight and we were right. The 50-45 scorecards reflect just how dominant Machida was, as he never looked in any danger of losing this fight.

He caught Mousasi with some big shots, but Mousasi’s chin held up strong. On another night Machida could quite easily have scored a knock out win and I’ve no doubt that he would have finished most other UFC Middleweights with some of the head kicks that he managed to land.

We felt very confident on Machida picking up a win in his homeland and as a result we bet big, earning us a healthy profit of 8.80 Units. The win took us to 11.80 Units profit for the night, which sets us up nicely for next weeks UFC 170 event, which has several excellent value bets.


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