We’ve been making a living from betting on MMA since 2002 and in this article we’re going to explain exactly how we do it. It’s very easy to win money betting on MMA, because MMA betting odds are determined in a different way to most other sports. If you follow our tips and bankroll management strategy you can also make a living from betting on Mixed Martial Arts.

Hours of research goes into every single betting tip that we post on our website. This attention to detail ensures that we consistently make a profit from betting on MMA. The good news is that you can use our tips and bankroll strategies to win money.

We’ve broken our betting system down into individual chapters that focus on the key principles that have helped us to become so successful. In order for our system to work it’s really important that you stay disciplined and follow our techniques. Do not let yourself be influenced by friends, the media or the odds that online betting websites place on fighters. These odds often do not represent a fighter’s true chances of winning a fight, because the odds are largely determined by popularity and the amount of money that is staked on a particular fighter.

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