UFC Betting Tips For UFC 167 – George St Pierre v Johny Hendricks

Becoming a successful gambler isn’t just about betting smart and making money. It’s also about avoiding the pitfalls that cause many people to lose money on sports betting.

We’d love to place a bet on the main event in this weekends landmark 20th Anniversary UFC show, but when you look at the odds available for this fight it just isn’t worth it.

Placing bets to make sporting events more interesting is a big “no no”.. Remember that all your losses add up and you need to be disciplined in order to turn a profit!

Stick to our main principles and you will make money. Stay disciplined, bet smart and look for good value bets.

As much as we want you to follow our tips and win money, we also want you to be able to spot the risky bets and avoid them. We don’t normally give out analysis on why we choose not to bet on fights, but since this is such a big fight, we thought we’d make an exception. That way, you can gain some insight into how we analyse fights before we share our tips with you.

Here’s why we’re not placing a bet on this fight…

George St Pierre is the clear favourite in this fight. Odds makers have him down to win with odds of [1.36 ¦ 6/4 ¦ +125]. We also believe that GSP will win this fight, but we can’t bet on him because the odds are too small for the amount of risk involved…

Johny Hendricks has the ability to knock out anyone in the Welterweight division. Can GSP avoid his knockout power for 25 minutes? The answer to that question is that he probably can, but is it worth the risk in a year where we saw Anderson Silva lose to Chris Weidman? Mixed Martial Arts is a sport in which anything can happen and it quite often does!

So, based on that theory, should be using our implied odds strategy to back Johny Hendricks? The answer to that question is absolutely not! With odds of just 3.25 ¦ 3/1 ¦ +325, there isn’t enough value in the numbers that would allow us to take a chance.



There’s no denying that Johny Hendricks can knock out George St Pierre, but GSP has an almost inhuman ability to neutralize his opponents main threat and make them look very average.

GSP is an expert at staying out of trouble and making his opponents fight his fight. Hendricks believes he can take GSP down, but I seriously doubt that. Even if he is able to take GSP down, there’s no way he’ll be able to keep him there. GSP is just too powerful and explosive.

The best thing you can do for this fight is sit back, watch and enjoy and avoid betting altogether! GSP should win comfortably, but Hendricks does have the ability to knock him out.

There’s just no value in the odds for this fight, avoid![divider]


George St Pierre
Johny Hendricks



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