Next Box Break: UFC Prizm 2022

March 4th [The night before UFC 272 Covington vs Masvidal]
What time?
11pm British Time. 6pm Eastern. 3pm Pacific.
How many packs can I buy?

Upcoming Box Breaks

Set Date of Break Time
UFC Prizm 2022 March 4th [Night before UFC 272 Covington vs Masvidal] 11pm British Time. 6pm Eastern. 3pm Pacific BUY NOW

What is a Box Break?

A box break is where you buy a pack of trading cards from a box that will be opened on a Livestream. You will then watch the person doing the box break open your pack Live.

By breaking a box down and allowing people to purchase individual packs, it becomes more affordable for people to own trading cards from rare or expensive sets.

How will the Box Breaks work?


You purchase the pack

You can purchase available packs on this page. Be sure to join the Telegram Group to receive notifications when new Box Breaks go on sale. Available packs are very limited, so you’ll have to be quick! As part of your purchase, you’ll also have the opportunity to have a message read out by Allsopp live on air. While purchasing your pack please leave the message that you’d like read out in the comments box while checking out. Also please state whether you’d like your username or real name read out.


Your pack is opened during a Livestream

Allsopp will draw names at random Live on stream, as he works his way through the sealed box opening each pack. Livestreams will be broadcast at the date and time stated on this page via Youtube, Twitch and the Livestream page on the site. The livestream will be broadcast in 4K and cards will be handled with the upmost care. Gloves will be used when opening packs of foil based cards to avoid finger prints. Cards will be handled with bare hands when not opening foil based sets.


You’ll have 3 days to trade with other buyers

Once the Livestream has finished, participants of the box break will be able to use the forum to trade their cards with each other. This will increase the chances of everyone who participated getting the cards that they want. The trading window will remain open for 3 days after each box break finishes. Then, when all parties agree to the trades, I will send out the relevant cards to everybody. Please could both parties in each trade clearly state when the trade has concluded in the relevant forum thread.


Cards will be shipped out

When checking out, you will be asked to pay a standard $9 shipping fee. This is for standard international airmail and will not insure your cards. If after the box break finishes you decide that you’d like extra insurance for any valuable cards you pull, please leave a message in the Box Break forum thread. Allsopp will then contact you with information on how you can pay for better shipping with insurance. Every card will be put into a penny sleeve and toploader and will be sent to you securely.

Advertising / Shoutout

When Allsopp opens your pack during the Livestream, he’ll also read out your name and a message of your choice. In the comments section during checkout please state which fighter’s cards you’d like to pull, whether you’d like to be called by your real name or username and also a message / shoutout that you’d like read out.


The probability of getting the exact cards that you want in a single pack is low, but the probability of the cards you want being in a box is quite high. Trade your cards with other people who took place in the box break using this Forum Thread. The more people who trade, the more chance everyone has of getting the cards they want. The trading window will remain open for 3 days after the box break finishes. Allsopp will then send out everyone’s cards including any trades that took place on the forum.


You’ll pay a standard shipping rate of $13 for international delivery when going through checkout. This delivery method will be uninsured if you live outside of the UK or Europe. If you pull valuable cards from your pack and would like to pay for better shipping with more insurance, please contact Allsopp via DM or email You may also have to pay customs fees on top of shipping when receiving your item. This is outside of our control and will be specific to your country.