UFC Fight Night 39 Betting Tips – Bedford vs Yahya

[adrotate group=”25″]Rani Yahya is the favourite in this fight, which I find confusing because his only way of winning is to submit Bedford. Whilst this is entirely possible, it is also extremely improbable and for that reason Bedford is a great value bet at odds of 2.62 | +162 | 81/50.

Many people will be shocked to hear me dismiss Yahya’s chances of submitting Bedford, but there are some very important facts to consider when predicting the outcome of this fight.

The first and most important thing to consider is that this fight needs to go to the ground before Yahya can submit Bedford and I doubt he will be able to get this fight to the ground because Bedford has excellent take down defence.

Even if Yahya is able to get this fight to the ground, Bedford has an excellent wrestling base and should be able to scramble back to his feet fairly quickly. Yahya has struggled against wrestlers in the past and regularly tries to pull guard due to his poor take down skills. This will make it easy for Bedford to win rounds, as he will be able to use top control and ground and pound to score points with the judges.

Another factor which makes this fight difficult for Rani Yahya, is that UFC Fight Night 39 takes place in an outdoor stadium in Abu Dhabi. As a result, fighters are going to be extremely sweaty as soon as the fight begins and that will make submission grappling very difficult. The heat and humidity will make it much easier for Bedford to slip out of any submissions that Yahya manages to lock in.

Johnny Bedford will win this fight comfortably if he can keep it standing. He has a huge advantage in striking over Yahya and it’s entirely possible that he could finish Yahya with strikes.

I see this as a pretty safe bet because I don’t see that many ways that Rani Yahya can win this fight. The odds on Johnny Bedford are incredible and even if the fight goes to the ground I still think Bedford can use his superior wrestling to quickly work his way back to his feet or gain top control. The odds have been dropping slightly on a Bedford win, so be sure to place your bets over at [adrotate group=”34″], who currently have the best odds available for this fight.

OUR BET: 10.00 UNITS ON JOHNNY BEDFORD TO WIN AT 2.62 | +162 | 81/50



The best UFC odds available for this fight are: [adrotate group=”34″]

Johnny Bedford To Win
Rani Yahya To Win

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