VIP Betting Picks and Predictions for WSOF 24 – Fitch vs Okami

I always like to keep things tight when I bet on smaller MMA promotions like the WSOF because fighter pay is so low in small promotions that many athletes cannot afford to train full time. This means that you never know how they’re going to perform on fight night, because they may not have been able to train very hard and they might not be 100% committed to their MMA career.

Many of the fighters competing at WSOF 24 will earn less than $5000 for their fight, which means they’re getting paid alot less than minimum wage. I can’t fully trust betting on guys in this position, because they may not be totally committed to their career and I’ve always felt that fighters in this position are vulnerable to fixing fights.

When it comes to smaller MMA promotions, I will only ever bet on young, hungry fighters who are trying to forge a career in the sport. If I can’t be sure that their head is totally in the game, I will not bet on them. This strategy has served me well over the years and it has also helped me to go 6-1 on WSOF events since I set this website up in 2013…


We’ve banked a total profit of 27.58 units on WSOF since this website was setup and we should easily add another 2.65 units of profit to that total tonight, because my two betting tips for this event are rock solid bets that should both easily win. Tonight we are betting on two well rounded fighters who are very aggressive, very focused and very consistent. The odds on both of these fighters might be short, but these two bets are another good opportunity to bet big on rock solid fighters who will easily win.

This should be an easy 2-0 night for us.

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Adam Ward vs Rick Glenn Betting Pick Prediction

Rick Glenn is 26 years old, he’s great at everything, he trains at Roufus Sport and he’s the former WSOF Featherweight Champion. He’s also several levels above Adam Ward in every single aspect of MMA and I don’t see any way that he can lose this fight.

Take a look at some of Adam Ward’s last few fights…

As you can see, Adam Ward’s striking is basic and his ground game is nothing special. He also lacks knockout power and the conviction and technique to catch his opponent’s in submissions.

Now take a look at a couple of Rick Glenn’s fights from 2 years ago…

As you can see, Glenn has excellent takedown defence, excellent submission defence, a high level ground game and dynamic striking. Glenn was just 24 years old when he competed in those fights and he’s fought twice in WSOF since then. Glenn will have improved a considerable amount since those fights and he should have no problem beating a low level journeyman like Adam Ward.

Rick Glenn fights out of the Southpaw stance, he’s got cardio for days and he’s super aggressive. He should easily win this fight.

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MY BETTING TIP: 5 Units [5% of your bankroll] on Rick Glenn to win at odds of 1.22 | -455 | 11/50

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Colton Smith vs Washington Nunes da Silva Betting Pick Prediction

Washington Silva missed weight by 3 pounds and he’s only had 6 pro MMA fights at the age of 32. One of those fights was back in 2007, two of them were in 2010, then he fought once in 2011, once in 2013 and he most recently fought in May of 2015. That career record does not indicate to me that Silva is committed to building a career in MMA, because there hasn’t been a single time in his career where he was able to compete regularly. This means that Washington Silva has not had the opportunity to improve as a fighter under competitive conditions in the cage.

Colton Smith is a nightmare opponent for someone who may not be committed to the sport of Mixed Martial Arts because he’s aggressive, ruthlessly consistent and he’s got cardio for days. Smith will absolutely bring it 100% every single time he fights and you’re in big trouble if you’re not ready for it.

Here is footage of Washington Silva’s last fight from back in May 2015…

That fight took place just 5 months ago and aside from a few nasty leg kicks, I don’t see anything from Silva that could cause a guy like Colton Smith a problem.

Smith does a very good job of closing the distance, securing a full body lock and dragging his opponent to the ground. From there he does a great job of either taking the back or maintaining a dominant position. Here is footage of Colton’s two fights since he was cut from the UFC…

Colton Smith went 1-3 in the UFC, but he lost to tough opponents in Michael Chiesa, Carlos Diego Ferreira and Robert Whittaker. Each of those fighters possessed a ground game or takedown defence which could neutralize Colton Smith’s threats, but I do not believe that Silva will be able to stop Smith from tieing him up and grinding on him. Silva just doesn’t have the power or defensive wrestling to be able to slow down an aggressive fighter like Colton Smith.

I believe that Colton Smith will easily win this fight by outworking Washington Silva and grinding on him for 3 rounds. It’s possible that he could catch Silva in a submission, but at the very least he should easily be able to control Silva on the ground or against the cage for the majority of this fight.

This should be another easy winner.

If you live in Europe you can bet on this fight at Skybet, Paddy Power, Unibet and William Hill.

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MY BETTING TIP: 5 Units [5% of your bankroll] on Colton Smith to win at odds of 1.33 | -303 | 33/100

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Jon Fitch vs Yushin Okami Okami to win
Blagoi Ivanov vs Derrick Mehmen Mehmen to win
Matt Hamill vs Vinny Magalhaes Magalhaes to win
Nick Newell vs Tom Marcellino Newell to win
Donavon Frelow vs Magomed Bibulatov Bibulatov to win
Alexandre Almeida vs Saul Almeida Saul Almeida to win
Colton Smith vs Washington Silva Smith to win
Bruce Boyington vs Rodrigo Almeida Boyington to win
Patrick Walsh vs Tyler King Walsh to win
Justin Torrey vs Rex Harris Harris to win
Adam Ward vs Rick Glenn Glenn to win
Louis Taylor vs Nicolai Salchov Taylor to win


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