VIP Betting Picks & Tips for Bellator 148 – Daley vs Uhrich

After spending many hours researching Bellator 148 I have decided to place a bet because the odds improved significantly today on a particular fighter. I didn’t feel comfortable betting on this guy as a heavy favourite, but I think he’s a good bet at the current odds. I’m looking forward to kicking off the weekend with a win. Lets get that money!!!


Patricky “Pitbull” Freire vs Ryan Couture Betting Pick Prediction

Initially I wasn’t going to bet on this fight, but I’ve been watching the odds improve all day and they’re finally at a point where I see value in betting on Patricky Freire to beat Ryan Couture. Freire is always a risky bet because he hasn’t got the best fight IQ and he’s a little flakey, but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s a better fighter than Ryan Couture in every single aspect of MMA. I feel like a 50% return on our money is a good bet here, because I expect Pitbull to win this fight easily if he fights to his full potential.

Ryan Couture tries to fight like his Dad, but he doesn’t have the strong wrestling, the Boxing or the aggression to back it up. Take a look at some footage from his recent fights and seen for yourself…

As you can see, Ryan Couture is slow, stiff and predictable. He’s also not a very strong wrestler and he leaves a lot of openings on the ground and in the clinch. Couture makes a lot of technical mistakes on the ground and when going for takedowns and this will leave him wide open to getting reversed or caught in a submission by Pitbull. Pitbull is a strong wrestler with good takedown defence and a Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Pitbull also does a great job of scrambling into top position when he gets taken down, which means he should have good success in this fight because Couture does not have very strong top control.

Pitbull has a big advantage when it comes to striking and I believe there’s a very good chance that he wins this fight by knockout. The one weakness he has is that he sometimes doesn’t throw with a very high volume, but I am hoping that he opens up in this fight because Couture poses no threat to him standing up.

Patricky “Pitbull” Freire isn’t the smartest fighter, but he is significantly better than Couture in every single aspect of MMA and he should easily win this fight if he shows up and fights to his full potential. Ryan Couture doesn’t have the striking to hurt Pitbull standing up or the grappling skills to control Pitbull on the ground, so he doesn’t have many ways in which he could win this fight…

The only way that Pitbull could lose this fight is if he chooses to fight in the clinch and stays with his back against the cage for 15 minutes or if he chooses to fight very tentatively. I believe that both of those scenarios are very unlikely, which makes a bet on Pitbull at the current odds a good play.

You can currently bet on Pitbull at odds of around 1.51 | -196 | 51/100 at Bookmaker, Pinnacle Sports and 5 Dimes.

OUR BETTING TIP: 2 Units [2% of your bankroll] on Patricky Freire to win at odds of 1.51 | -196 | 51/100


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