VIP Betting Tips, Picks & Predictions for KSW 32 – Pudzianowski vs Graham

We’re currently on an incredible run of 8 consecutive winning events and we’ve also gone 16-2 on bets since September the 1st. I don’t expect this winning run to end anytime soon, because I feel extremely confident that we’re going to put more money in the bank with another solid win on this event.

KSW 32 is the first ever KSW event to be held in the UK and we’re putting our faith in a British fighter to bring home the bacon!!! I won’t be in the Chat Room during this event because I am taking my family to a Theme Park for Halloween, but if you’d like to watch KSW 32 live you can buy a HD stream on their website for about $10.

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Jim Wallhead vs Rafal Moks Betting Tip Prediction

I’m surprised that the odds on this fight are so close, because I believe that this is the biggest mismatch on the whole card. Jim Wallhead is a significantly better fighter than Rafal Moks in every single aspect of MMA. Wallhead should easily win this fight if he shows up and performs to his full potential.

I don’t believe that the Bookies have been able to accurately cap this fight, because there aren’t many of Rafal Moks’ recent fights available online. Luckily, I have almost every single KSW event recorded in my personal fight library, which means I’ve been able to study all of his performances very closely. I believe that the Bookies don’t really know who is going to win this fight and they have therefore set the odds relatively close to try and minimise the amount of money that they could lose.

If this fight stays standing, Wallhead should be able to destroy Rafal Moks with his more technical striking. Wallhead has a significant speed and power advantage over Moks and he’s also very good defensively. Rafal’s striking is slow and basic and Wallhead does a great job of using effective footwork and head movement to evade strikes. Rafal’s striking defence is very poor and he frequently turns his back or looks confused when his opponent tags him with a clean strike. Moks is a sitting duck standing up and I expect Wallhead to win this fight by knockout. Wallhead is a former training partner of Paul Daley, Dan Hardy and Ross Pearson, so you can imagine the kind of stand up game that he brings to the table.

Most of Rafal’s wins are by guillotine or leg lock and he almost always losses in a fight if he doesn’t catch his opponent in either of those submissions. Rafal is so dependent on these techniques, that he will even try to pull guard in order to take a fight to the ground. It is a big red flag for me when I see a fighter pull guard in MMA, because pulling guard means you’re giving up a dominant position and allowing your opponent to score points. Rafal has very poor offensive wrestling and he struggles to get fights to the ground. Wallhead has strong wrestling and a solid Judo base, which means he should easily be able to keep this fight standing. If the fight does go to the ground, I am not too worried about Rafal catching Wallhead in a submission because Rafal’s ground game is not good at all. He has a ton of submission wins on his record, but that’s mostly because he has been able to catch inexperienced fighters in submissions in small regional MMA promotions around Europe. I don’t believe that he poses a threat to Wallhead on the ground because Wallhead is too strong, too smart and too experienced to get caught in Rafal’s traps.

Here are a few of Jim Wallhead’s recent fights…

Here is the only recent fight that I could find online of Rafal Moks… [Don’t worry he doesn’t look any better than this in any of his other fights…]

As you can see, Jim Wallhead is significantly more skilled in every aspect of MMA. If the fight stays standing I believe he will knock Moks out and if it goes to the ground I believe he can transition to a dominant position and win this fight with top control and ground and pound.

Jim Wallhead now trains at London Shootfighters with guys like Michael Page, John Hathaway and Marcin Held. This is significant because one of Rafal’s most dangerous weapons is his leg lock submissions and Wallhead trains with Marcin Held who is one of the most devastating leg lock specialists in MMA. Marcin Held is the perfect training partner for Jim Wallhead, because Held and Moks have very similar fighting styles. I believe that having Marcin Held as a direct training partner gives Wallhead a significant advantage in this fight.

I also think Wallhead is a great bet here because KSW 32 is taking place in London and Wallhead lives and trains in London. This means that he’ll have home advantage on his side and the arena should be packed full of people supporting him.

If you live in Canada or Europe you can bet on this fight at William Hill or Unibet.

If you live anywhere else in the world you can bet on this fight at Bookmaker or 5 Dimes.

MY BETTING TIP: 3 Units [3% of your bankroll] on Jim Wallhead to win at odds of 1.74 | -135 | 37/50

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