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I’m forced to set a limit on the number of people who can follow my Live Betting Tips

I’m forced to cap the number of Elite Members that we have in our community because the odds in Live Betting decline and then become suspended when a lot of people try to place the same Livebet at the same time.

Betting markets work in a similar way to Financial Markets with the “odds” reacting heavily to the number of people trying to bet them. Each betting site has it’s own “liquidity” pool for each sporting event or fight.

I separate the total number of Elite Members we have into groups depending on where they live in the world. This is because different parts of the world have different betting sites and, therefore, different liquidity pools. For example, someone in the United States placing Livebets on sites in the United States will not affect the betting odds and liquidity for someone placing bets on European betting sites.

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Chris Allsopp
Professional Gambler and Owner of MMABettingTips.com

(Paris, France, 2019)

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Make big money with my Live Betting Tips

Everyone has bad days, and UFC fighters are no different. When we place regular, pre-fight bets, we have no idea whether or not a fighter is going to show up and perform to their full potential. They may be suffering from injuries, they may be battling personal issues, or they may have gone through a brutal weight cut. All of these factors can negatively impact how a fighter performs, and no amount of research can predict that.

Many betting websites now offer Livebetting on MMA. This means that we can bet on fights while they take place, right up until the final minute of the last round. This enables us to see exactly how a fighter is performing before we bet on them. Over the years I have developed many strategies that enable me to predict how a fight will play out after observing the first few minutes of a contest. This allows us to avoid the pitfalls of gambling prefight and make massive profits from Livebetting.

I share my Livebets with my Elite Members during UFC fights through an exclusive audio stream. I give in-depth explanations for each bet. My audio stream also includes alternative commentary, where I commentate the fights from a betting perspective and share my strategies for making huge amounts of money in Live Betting.

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