Prop Bets for UFC Fight Night – Overeem vs Volkov

Prop Bet Disclaimer

  1. Prop Bets are extremely risky. You are not guaranteed to make a profit long term with these kinds of bets.
  2. You should only bet small amounts of money on these Prop Bets because they are very risky. Do not commit a large % of your bankroll to these kinds of bets.
  3. Prop Bets should only be placed for fun if you like to gamble and place bets on every fight.
  4. I have not been tracking profit and loss on these bets for very long therefore I do not know if they are profitable long term.
  5. The variance and volatility with Prop Bets is extreme. You can easily lose every single bet on a card and go on huge losing streaks.
  6. The odds differ from website to website dramatically.
  7. The odds can change extremely quickly on Props. This means the odds you find on your betting website might be significantly worse than what is listed in this article.
  8. Liquidity on Prop Bets is very low. This means that the maxbet limits on betting websites will be very low.
  9. The odds for Prop Bets get released very late therefore this article may not be updated with Prop Bets until close to the time that fights take place.
  10. Not all of these Prop Bets will be available on every Betting website. You need to shop around to find a Betting website which offers them.

My Philosophy on Prop Bets

Prop Bets are attractive because the odds tend to be a lot better than just betting on a fighter to win or lose. Unfortunately, they are not a sustainable long term way to make money because the liquidity and max bet limits on them is very low.

The variance on Prop Bets is also extremely high. This means that a very large % of Prop Bets will lose. For this reason I prefer to embrace Prop Bets by only focusing on high risk / high reward bets. This means that I will often recommend locking in crazy bets that may not make that much sense on the surface, but remember that the majority of Prop Bets will lose anyway, so the goal should be to win big when you place them.

I also recommend sticking to level stakes for Prop Bets and avoid using Compound Interest. In order for Compound Interest to be effective, you need to maintain a high win rate and it is almost impossible to maintain a high win rate on Props for any lengthy period of time because there are so many variables in how a fight could play out. For this reason I recommend sticking to level stakes for these Props and keeping things small.

For example… If you want to bet $100 on Props for a card, bet $10 on each Prop and stick to that number. Do not using Compound Interest to grow this amount of money because long losing streaks will wipeout your gains and kill Compounded growth.

I can not stress enough that these are high risk bets with a very low win rate. The vast majority of them will lose. I do not know if they will make a long term profit. Please only tail them for fun.

Prop Bets

Fight Prop Bet
Cory Sandhagen vs Frankie Edgar Frankie Edgar to win by decision at odds of 5.30 | +430
Clay Guida vs Michael Johnson Clay Guida to win inside the distance at odds of 9.50 | +850
Alexandre Pantoja vs Manel Kape Alexandre Pantoja to win by submission at odds of 3.50 | +250
Beneil Dariush vs Diego Ferreira Diego Ferreira to win in round 3 at odds of 14.00 | +1300
Danilo Marques vs Mike Rodriguez Danilo Marques to win inside the distance at odds of 4.75 | +373
Devonte Smith vs Justin Jaynes Justin Jaynes to win by KO or TKO at odds of 5.00 | +400
Joselyne Edwards vs Karol Rosa Karol Rosa to win by KO or TKO at odds of 8.00 | +700
Lara Procopio vs Molly McCann Lara Procopio to win by submission at odds of 9.00 | +800
Seung Woo Choi vs Youssef Zalal Choi to win by decision at odds of 5.00 | +400
Martin Day vs Timur Valiev Valiev to win by submission at odds of 9.00 | +800
Jerome Rivera vs Ode Osbourne Rivera to win by decision at odds of 5.20 | +420

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