Betting Tips & Picks for UFC 187 Johnson vs Cormier

The average odds across all the favourites at UFC 187 is currently floating at around 1.27 | -364 | 27/100. This is the highest average odds on favourites on any event in UFC history. Big favourites can often present us with some good opportunities to make money betting on underdogs, but sadly this isn’t the case for UFC 187. Whilst many of the underdogs do have ways in which they can win, none of them are similar to the underdogs we’ve made money betting on in recent weeks because none of them hold significant advantages over their opponent. We’ve made big money this month betting on underdogs like Robert Whittaker, Jingliang Li and Sean O’Connell, but I personally felt that each of those guys should have been the favourite. Whilst it’s easy to identify ways in which many of the underdogs could cause an upset at UFC 187, it’s not so easy to determine whether they do have a significant chance of winning. This makes betting on them very speculative, because we have to rely on something unlikely happening in order to win our bets.

UFC 187 is a strange event to bet on because there’s a lot of overpriced favourites who are matched up against opponents who don’t have a realistic chance of winning their fight. An example of this is the match up between Chris Weidman and Vitor Belfort. Betting on Weidman at the current odds of 1.20 | -500 | 1/5 against a guy like Vitor Belfort is madness, but it doesn’t make any sense to bet on Vitor either because he’s a post TRT using, 36 year old fighter with a ton of miles on his MMA clock and he hasn’t fought in 2 years.

I have a clear strategy for UFC 187 and it involves betting on 3 big favourites who I believe have almost no chance of losing. Whilst this strategy may be a little boring, we should easily win all 3 bets, which will return a total profit of just over 5 units.

All 3 of my betting tips for UFC 187 should be easy winners and they should help us to build on the 24 units of profit that we’ve already made this month.

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It’s not very often that I see odds of 1.25 | -370 | 1/4 and see value, but I believe that there’s a considerable amount of value on Donald Cerrone to win. This is as close to a squash match as you can get and I don’t see any way that John Makdessi can win this fight. Cerrone’s incredible ability to absorb damage and recover fast when he’s hurt means that Makdessi barely even has a punchers chance. It’s also worth noting that Makdessi has never been known for his knockout power or ability to finish fights.

Donald Cerrone is simply better than John Makdessi in every single aspect of Mixed Martial Arts. Cerrone’s advantages in the clinch and grappling are so vast, that Makdessi doesn’t stand a chance if this fight goes to the ground.

Donald Cerrone and John Makdessi are both strikers, but their styles are very different. Makdessi employs more of a point fighting style, whilst Cerrone tries to finish fights with powerful punches and kicks.

I’ve seen a few people in the MMA Betting Community show concern over a bet on Cerrone because of his tendency to start slow and fight tentatively in the 1st round. Even if this happens, I still feel that he’ll easily win this fight inside the distance because Makdessi isn’t very aggressive either and he has also been known to fight tentatively.

John Makdessi is also very small for a Lightweight and Cerrone fights very long. Cerrone has a 5 inch height and reach advantage over Makdessi and I expect him to look huge compared to Makdessi come fight night.

This is an easy fight for Donald Cerrone and I don’t see any way that John Makdessi can win…

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MY BETTING TIP: 10 Units [10% of your bankroll] on Donald Cerrone to win at odds of 1.25 | -400 | 1/4

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