Mark Hunt’s Autobiography Review – Born to fight

Click here to buyMark Hunt’s Autobiography is one of the best books I’ve ever read. It has changed the way I view life and it has made me question what people are capable of, in both good ways and bad. This book is a deeply emotional story about the real life nightmares that Mark Hunt has faced and it’s a reminder to many of us just how lucky we are. Mark Hunt was dealt a very bad hand in life, but against all the odds he managed to achieve greatness and his story is both sad and inspirational.

Most MMA autobiographies are written in a macho tone that makes it hard to connect with the person behind the story. Mark Hunt’s Autobiography is different because he manages to tell his story without the tough guy undertone. This makes the whole book feel very authentic from start to finish. You never get the impression that Mark is exaggerating the truth and the authenticity in the writing really helps you to connect with Mark as a person.

Mark Hunt’s Autobiography is a great book because you don’t even have to be a fan of MMA or even like Mark to enjoy it. This autobiography stands out on it’s own as a solid, well written story that will take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

“I remember when I was a little kid. I used to cry sometimes when I saw Mum and Dad eating dinner outside in the car, because that meant there wasn’t any for us. My sister would console me by telling me that one day I would be able to eat whenever I wanted and I used to fantasize about her being right. Now I live that fantasy”

Mark Hunt’s Autobiography is an inspirational story about a young boy from New Zealand who overcame all the odds to become a World Champion, an amazing father and a loving husband. You should buy this book immediately. You will love it.

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  1. That was a one day book, and I don´t even read that fast. What a hero, to make it out as well as he has done. Mad respect for what he had to overcome. Pick it up if you have not red it yet… I just got stuck watching all his K1 and Pride fights. Very cool with the back stories to them 🙂 Gummon Dana, give him a fight already!!

  2. I just finished reading this book recently. I grew up just out of South Auckland and spent a lot of time there as a kid, a lot of Polynesian kids truly are ‘born to fight.’ I hope combat sports continue to grow here and be a positive outlet for young people growing up in situations similar to Mark’s. To be honest I’ve never been a believer that athletes need to be good role models, and I’m still not, but Hunt is definitely someone that can be.

    I can’t wait for 209, I’m disappointed there’s no Diaz brothers, but it’s a great card.

    From a betting perspective I think Hunt is worth a play at underdog odds. We all know how important Psychology is in fighting and there are a number of psychological factors at play in this fight. Overreem is the archetypal bully, Mark is not someone that can be bullied – this is obvious. There are a number of insights in this book that can help us make predictions on the way this fight plays out. Mark talks a lot in the book about rematches and how motivational they are for him, the first time they met he was embarrassed by Overeem, I feel this will help him in the rematch. There are obviously plenty of other external factors in this fight, Mark’s situation with the UFC, Overeem being a known PED user, and the high chance that this may be his last fight. Of course these could be detrimental, but I tend to lean the other way and hope that Mark comes ready to destroy the Reem. I’m out of time anyway, WAR HUNTO!

  3. His parents would hide out and eat in the car when they didn’t have food for the kids? That’s disgusting. Assholes obviously should have been putting the children first, even if they could only spare a little. Hiding out in the car while your child watches through the window, crying…? Gross.

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