Betting Results For UFC Fight Night 59 – 7.16 Units Profit

We went 5-1 on our bets at UFC Fight Night 59, banking us a total profit of 7.16 units. We’ve now made a profit in 4 out of the last 5 MMA events and I’m feeling extremely confident that we’ll bank another profit this weekend at UFC on FOX 14.

It was also great to win 2 close decisions after all the bad luck that we’ve had recently. Cerrone and Tibau winning was a reminder that bad luck balances out in the end and you will make money, just so long as you consistently make the correct decisions. Speaking of correct decisions…

Our only loss on this event was our bet on Sean Spencer to beat Cathal Pendred. Normally I wouldn’t be that upset about losing a bet under controversial circumstances, afterall, it happens all the time, but this is the second time that Cathal Pendred has cost me money. I first bet against him back in October when he fought Gasan Umalatov and I personally felt like he lost that fight.

I actually feel like Pendred “beating” Spencer was a bigger robbery than Sanchez “beating” Pearson, because Spencer actually had Pendred badly hurt at 2-3 points during the fight. The following diagram shows just how bad the judging was in that fight, with all 15 MMA media correspondents scoring the fight in favour of Spencer and 88.3% of fans…

Cathal Pendred vs Sean Spencer Results

It’s also interesting that Joe Rogan and Dana White felt that the fight should have been scored in favour of Spencer. I just hope that Dana cuts the “Never leave it in the hands of the judges” nonsense and pays Spencer his win bonus like he did with Ross Pearson. Here’s the clip of Dana and Joe incase you haven’t seen it…

Rec026 by ivannaseesomebutts

I’m not the type of guy to cry over a loss, but bad judging like this really upsets me, because it messes with people’s lives. Sean Spencer has got a family to support and commitments to pay his coaches and trainers and the judges just cost him at least $20,000 – $30,000. I don’t know how this is allowed to continue, but where I’m from, this is fraud and it’s cheating. I really feel like there needs to be some accountability for bad judging, because match fixing is rampant in other sports and judges have far too much power in MMA. There’s simply no excuse for judging the fight 30-27 in favour of Cathal Pendred and 29-28 is still disgusting.

Anyway. Rant over. It’s been a while since I went off the deep end over losing a bad decision. I’ll have my betting tips out for UFC On FOX 14 soon. Right now it looks like a great event for betting, so we should make some decent money this weekend!

Take care guys!

Here are my betting results for UFC Fight Night 59:

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