UFC Fight Night 113 Betting Tips, Picks and Predictions

I’ve spent more than 40 hours researching fights this week, and for the most part, I’ve drawn a complete blank. This week is not good for betting.

My research has meant that I’ve watched a ton of footage on all the fighters competing on the new Dana White Tuesday Night Contender series, as well as Bellator 181 on Friday, Invicta FC 24 on Saturday and UFC Glasgow on Sunday. Despite all this work, I’ve only managed to find one fighter who I feel confident betting.

Around 10 years ago I was sponsored to play medium stakes No Limit Poker online. As part of this sponsorship, I was assigned a Mentor who had been a professional Poker Player for many years. During my time working with him, he gave me a lot of good advice that I still use in MMA Betting to this day. One of the best pieces of advice that he ever gave me was “Sometimes the best bets are the ones that we do not place.”

It is crucial on weekend’s like this that we do not become complacent and force bets just for the sake of wanting to gamble. I know that it is very tempting to place bets on UFC cards, but trust me when I tell you that there are no safe bets on UFC Fight Night Glasgow. I’ve watched an absolute ton of footage this week, so trust me when I tell you not to put your money in harm’s way.

The next two weeks look great for betting with UFC on FOX 25 and UFC 214 giving us several solid opportunities to make money. Let’s not take any unnecessary risks on UFC Fight Night Glasgow, when we have some great opportunities to make solid profits in the very near future.

I also want to remind you that this weekend is a HUGE opportunity to make money in Live Betting. I hope you join us in our Live Betting Feed during the fights to take advantage of our highly profitable Live Betting Tips.

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In the table below we give our pick / prediction for every fight. This is to help you put together teams in Fantasy MMA or enter Pick’em competitions. Please do not bet on these picks. You should only bet on our official VIP Betting Tips that you can find further down this page.

These picks and predictions are based on which fighters we perceive to have the best betting value. This doesn’t necessarily mean we think the fighter we pick has any notable advantage over their opponent.

The results of these picks are not tracked. We share them with the community because some members use them to enter Fantasy MMA and Pick’em competitions.


[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”][align-center]Fights,[align-center;c#000000]Betting%20Tips,[align-center;c#000000]Pick|[align-center]Gunnar%20Nelson%20vs%20Santiago%20Ponzinibbio,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Nelson%20to%20win|[align-center]Cynthia%20Calvillo%20vs%20Joanne%20Calderwood,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Calvillo%20to%20win|[align-center]Paul%20Felder%20vs%20Stevie%20Ray,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Felder%20to%20win|[align-center]Jack%20Marshman%20vs%20Ryan%20Janes,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Marshman%20to%20win|[align-center]Khalil%20Rountree%20vs%20Paul%20Craig,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Rountree%20to%20win|[align-center]James%20Mulheron%20vs%20Justin%20Willis,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Mulheron%20to%20win|[align-center]Bobby%20Nash%20vs%20Danny%20Roberts,[align-center;c#68a143;b]Betting%20Tip%20Available,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Roberts%20to%20win|[align-center]Alexandre%20Pantoja%20vs%20Neil%20Seery,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Seery%20to%20win|[align-center]Charlie%20Ward%20vs%20Galore%20Bofando,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Ward%20to%20win|[align-center]Daniel%20Teymur%20%20vs%20Danny%20Henry,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Teymur%20to%20win|[align-center]Albert%20Morales%20vs%20Brett%20Johns,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Morales%20to%20win|[align-center]Amanda%20Lemos%20vs%20Leslie%20Smith,[align-center;c#ea5e50;b]No%20bet,[align-center;c#fdb72f;b]Smith%20to%20win[/vc_table]

Bobby Nash vs Danny Roberts Betting Tip and Prediction

Before I get into my breakdown for the fight between Bobby Nash and Danny Roberts, I want you to take a look at two of Nash’s recent fights:

As you can see, Nash is tough and he hits very hard, but his striking defense is bad.

You can get away with this lack of defense on the regional MMA circuit, but fast, powerful counter strikers like Danny Roberts can inflict a serious amount of damage when someone like Nash recklessly enters Boxing range.

Danny Roberts has been training with Henri Hooft for the last 2 years and he seems to make significant improvements from fight to fight. He should be able to easily win this fight by using his more technical striking to stay on the outside and chip away at Nash.

We should win this bet easily if Roberts can avoid getting KO’d.

Reasons for betting on Danny Roberts to beat Bobby Nash...

  • Danny Roberts trains under Henri Hooft at one of the best up and coming MMA gyms in the world. His training partners for this fight have been Kamaru Usman, Michael Chandler, Michael Johnson, Desmond Green, Ryan LaFlare and Gilbert Burns.
  • Danny Roberts has good technical Boxing and fights out of the Southpaw stance.
  • Danny Roberts disguises dangerous head kicks and KO counter punches with excellent footwork and deceptive movement.
  • Danny Roberts does a great job of fighting on the outside and chipping away at his opponent’s.
  • Danny Roberts seems to make significant improvements from fight to fight.
  • Danny Roberts has good takedown defense, an active guard and he’s also skilled in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.
  • Bobby Nash has very bad striking defense.
  • Bobby Nash telegraphs his strikes. He is low level.
  • Bobby Nash appears to start very strong and then fade in the second round.
  • Danny Roberts is extremely tough and has a solid chin.
  • Danny Roberts has good enough cardio to fight hard for 15 minutes.

Risk factors with betting on Danny Roberts to win...

  • Bobby Nash has knockout power.
  • Danny Roberts can be sucked into reckless exchanges.

Our Betting Tip

Danny Roberts to win


2 Units

[2% of your bankroll]


Decimal = 1.59
Moneyline = -169
Fractional = 59/100


Implied Probability

The bookies believe that Danny Roberts has a 63% chance of beating Bobby Nash based on their current odds.


Our Probability

We believe that Danny Roberts has a 65% chance of beating Bobby Nash based on our extensive research and analysis.

I am the owner of this website and my goal is to build a strong community that is focused on helping each other make money betting on MMA.

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