Bellator 183 Betting Picks, Tips and Predictions

I’ve been researching ACB 70 and Bellator 183 for the last 9 hours and I am delighted to have found us 2 rock solid bets for tonight. The betting lines will start to close on some betting websites in around 2 hours, so instead of spending time writing long breakdowns, I am going to just post these tips so that I can focus on researching the remaining two fights.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me in VIP Chat if you’d like more information regarding these betting tips. The basic reasoning behind these bets are:

Javy Ayala is primarily a wrestler, but his technique isn’t great and all his takedowns come from power and explosion. Ayala is a strong wrestler, but he doesn’t have the cardio to back it up. Even if he wins round 1, I expect Nelson to weather the early storm and use his clinch work and high-level BJJ to take over in round 2 and 3. If you search online for Ayala’s most recent fight against Carl Seumanutafa, you will see exactly why I recommend betting on Nelson to win. Just be sure to watch the latest fight between Ayala and Seumanutafa because they have fought twice.

I also discovered today that Benson Henderson has been battling an ACL tear injury for the last couple of years. This has meant that he has fought injured in his last 3 fights and has not been able to throw his trademark body and leg kicks as much as he’d like. The knee injury also made it difficult for him to power through his opponent’s when shooting for takedowns. In December Bellator paid for him to have cutting-edge knee surgery and now he is back to full health.

Henderson showed flashes of his old self against Chandler, and I expect to see him rejuvenated in this fight against Patricky Pitbull.

Benson Henderson should win this fight because Patricky Pitbull starts very slow and throws a very low volume of strikes. This is because he has bad cardio and does this to conserve energy. Henderson should be able to outpoint him over 3 rounds and win an easy decision.

Please keep checking this article regularly for updates because I may add more betting tips as we get closer to the time of the fights.

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